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Unit 1 1 –Where is the canteen?-It’s on the first floor.食堂在哪?它在一楼。 2 Welcome to our school.欢迎来到我们的学校。 3 –How many students are there in your class?-There are five. 在你的班级有多少学生?有五个。 4 –Do you have a library ? Yes ,I do . /No ,I don’t .你们有一个图书馆吗?是的,我们?#23567;?不,我们没?#23567;? 5 We have a new computer room .我们有一个新的计算机教室。 6 Let’s go there.让我们去那儿。 7 –Is this the library? Yes ,it is ./No ,it isn’t . 这是图书馆吗?是的,它是。/不,它不是 8 The art room is on the first floor .美术教室在一楼。 9 Your school is cool !你的学校真酷啊! 10 Look carefully !仔细看! 11 What’s on it ?它的上面有什么? 12 Let’s go and have a look .让我们去看一?#30784;? 13 Wonderful !真棒! 14 Water the flowers .浇花。Eat some noodles. 吃一些面条。Play football .踢足球。 Read a story-book .读一本故事书。Hand in the homework.交作业。 Unit 2 1 What time is it? It’s nine o’clock.几点了?九点了。2 It’s time for English class.该到时间上英语课了。3 School is over.放学了。4 Let’s go to the playground.让我们去操场。5 Let’s run! 我们跑吧!6 Drink some milk .喝些牛奶!Have some chicken.吃一些鸡肉。Eat some rice .吃一些米饭。Jump and run.跳和跑。Read and write. 读和?#30784;ing and dance.唱和跳。 7 That one is correct.那个是对的。 8 It’s time to go to school .该到时间去学校。 9 Breakfast is ready !早餐准备好了! 10 I’m ready !我准备好了! 11 Look at my clock .看我的表。 12 Can I have a try ?我能试一?#26376;穡? 13 Where is the short hand ?分针在哪? 14 What time is it in New York ?纽约现在几点? Unit 3 1 I like the white sweater with the green skirt .我?#19981;?#30333;色的毛衣配绿色的短裙。 2 Put on your T-shirt .穿上你的T恤衫。 Hang up your skirt .挂上你的短裙。 Take off your jacket .脱下你的夹克衫。 Fold your dress .折叠你的裙子。 Wash your shirt .洗你的衬衫。 Put away your sweater .收拾好你的毛衣。 3 What colour is it ?It’s blue .它是什么颜色的?它是蓝色的。 4 Is that your T-shirt ?Yes ,it is .No ,it isn’t .那是你的T恤衫吗?是的,它是。/不,它不是。 5 Whose is it ? It’s my T-shirt .这是谁的?#31354;?#26159;我的T恤衫。 6 Whose is this ?It’s your bay brother’s .这是谁的?只是我小弟弟的。 7 So many colours !如此多的颜色! 8 Please pass me my T-shirt .请递给我我的T恤衫。 9 Where are my socks ?They are on the table .我的袜子在哪?#20811;?#20204;在桌?#30001;? 10 They’re so funny .他们是如此的滑稽。 11 Whose cap is it ?这个帽子是谁的? 12 What are they ?他们是什么? 13 Those are your baby pants .这些是你小时候的短裤。 14 What for ?为什么呢? 15 Our neighbour has a new baby !我们的邻居有一个新宝宝。 16 They’re so small .他们是如此的小。 17 I have a new dress for my birthday party . 我为我的生?#31449;?#20250;买了一个新连衣裙。 18 The red T-shirt is pretty .这件新的T恤衫很漂亮。 Recycle 1 1 We have a show today .今天我们有一个表演。 2 fashion show:时装表演secret ?#22909;?#23494;newspaper :报纸 vest :背心shoe boxes :鞋盒balloon hat:气球帽子 3 It’s too early now .现在太早了。 4 What’s in your schoolbag ?在你的书包里有什么? 5 It looks like a fish .它看起来像一条鱼。 6 It’s your turn now .现在轮到你了。 Unit 4 1 This is the weather report .这是天气预报。 2 It is cool in Beijing .在?#26412;?#26159;凉爽的。 3 Can I wear my new shirt today? No,you can’t ./Yes ,you can .我今天能穿我的新衬衫吗?不,你不能。是的,你能。 4 You can wear your new shirt .你可?#28304;?#20320;的新衬衫。 5 take off –put on 脱下——穿上 6 They are on your feet .他们在你的脚上。 7 Here’s the world weather .这是世界天气。 8 Open up your umbrella .打开你的雨伞。 Take your raincoat .?#31859;?#20320;的雨衣。 Hold on to your hat .抓好你的帽子。 Put on your sunglasses .带上你的太阳镜。 Put on your boots .穿上你的靴子。 9 What are you doing ?你正在做什么? 10 Not much .没什?#30784;? 11 What’s the weather like in Beijing ??#26412;?#30340;天气怎么样? 12 How about New York ?纽约怎么样? 13 What’s the matter ?怎么了? 14 I have to close the window .我不得不关窗户。 15 Let’s make a snowman .让我们堆雪人。 16 Here’s your coat .这是你的外套。 17 Let me take a shower .让?#39029;?#20010;凉。 Unit 5 1 We’ll take it .我们买它了。 2 I’ll take it .我买它了。 3 They’re not for sale .他们不是用来销售的。 4 Look at that dress .It’s pretty.看那件连衣裙。它是漂亮的。 5 Can I help you ?Yes .我能帮助你吗?是的。 6 How much is this dress ?It’s ninty-nine yuan . 这件连衣裙多少钱?它是九十九元。 7 It’s too expensive .它太昂贵了。 8 I want that dress .我想要那件连衣裙。 9 It fits me well .它非常适合我。 10 I want a pair of sneakers .我想要一双网球鞋。 11 Put on your sneakers .穿上你的网球鞋。 Run in the park .在公园里跑。 Wiggle your toes .摇动你的脚趾。 Splash in the puddles .在水坑里溅水。 Dance in your room .在房间里跳舞。 12 A pair of sneakers for my son .给我儿子的一双网球鞋。 13 How about this pair ?这双怎么样? 14 Are they all right ?他们可?#26376;穡? 15 How much are they ?They are thirty-five yuan .他们多少钱?#20811;?#20204;是三十五元。 Unit 6 1 What are they ?They are goats .他们是什么?#20811;?#20204;是山羊。 2 Feed the hens .喂鸡。 Ride a horse .骑马。 Milk a cow .?#25918;?#22902;。 Shear a sheep .剪羊毛。 Hold a lamp . 抱着一只小羊。 3 Are they sheep ?Yes ,they are .No ,they aren’t .他们是山羊吗?是的,他们是。不,他们不是。 4 This farm is so big .这个农场是如此的大。 5 How many cows do you have ?I have three .你有多少只奶牛?#35838;?#26377;三只。 6 How many geese can you see ?I can see four .你能看见多少只鸭子?#35838;?#33021;看见四只。 7 What do you see in the picture ? I see five cats .在图片里你看见了什么?#35838;?#30475;见五只猫。 8 They are fresh .他们是新鲜的。 9 juicy :多汁的 tasty/yummy:美味的,好吃的tender:脆的smelly:有臭味的 10 I like tomatoes .I don’t like potatoes . 我?#19981;?#35199;红柿。我不?#19981;?#22303;豆。 11 What are these ?They are carrots . 他们是什么?#20811;?#20204;是胡萝卜。 12 How many horses are there ?There are twelve .在那儿有多少匹马?有十二只。 13 None .没?#23567;? 14 I have some potatoes .我有一些土豆。 15 Your farm is wonderful .你的农场真棒。 Recycle 2 1 Let’s have a picnic tomorrow .明天我们要野餐。 2 Tomorrow will be warm and sunny .明天即暖和又阳光充足。 3 What do you want to bring ?你想要带什么? 4 I want to make a salad .我想要做沙拉。 5 Let’s go shopping .让我们去购物。 6 They want to share the food .他们想要分享食物。 7 Zhang Peng is going to Hong Kong .张鹏将要去香港。 8 I am at the farm .我在农场。 9 fruit :水果 cookies:饼干 drinks:饮料

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